My journey for Grace

My journey for Grace

Over the last two years, my walk of faith has grown more than I ever thought possible. How? Bible journaling. Spending time reading and studying God’s word.

While browsing through social media I noticed images of beautiful art creations that were done in people’s Bibles. Yes, I said Bibles. I wondered if that was really happening, was that a new trend now? As I scrolled, there were more and more amazing illustrations by some ever so creative and talented artists.

Eventually, I stumbled on Illustrated Faith. I did some research and began reading the founder’s story, Shanna Noel. And so my walk began. My eyes were open and my heart was longing for a deeper relationship with God.

Now, I try to journal every day. It not only gets me into the word of God, but the peace and serenity I can achieve is nothing short of amazing. It is my time to hang out with my Heavenly Father. A time when I can be just me. No judgment, no worry, and no expectations. He will love me no matter what state I am in, if I am a hot mess or put together. He will love me regardless of how much money I earn, what kind of car I drive or which neighborhood I live in. He is God the Father and I am his daughter. How very blessed I am.

Friends, He offers the same peace, salvation, and relationship to all. Will you join me on my journey for grace?

I hope to see or chat with you all soon. May your days & nights be filled with God’s grace.

💕 Cindee

P.S.  The beautiful custom bible cover above was made by the amazing NenaPazLuv.  You can find her on social media at NenaPazLuv.  Be sure to stop by and check out her amazing shop.  I absolutely adore her work.


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